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Personalized patient care is what sets Darshan Care Nursing Service apart. When you visit our clinic you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

Helper patient care services in Bangalore

Physiotherapy assistants play a crucial role in supporting physiotherapists and aiding in patient care services.

  • Guidance During Exercises: Physiotherapy assistants help patients do their prescribed exercises correctly and safely. They offer support and encouragement to keep patients motivated.
    Emotional Support: Physiotherapy assistants provide emotional support during therapy sessions. They also assist patients with moving around safely if they have trouble with mobility.

    Benefits for Elderly Patients: Physiotherapy can greatly improve the lives of elderly patients. It helps them move better, reduces pain, and boosts independence.

    Pain Relief: Physiotherapy offers different ways to manage pain, like special exercises and treatments such as heat or cold therapy.

    Better Movement: Physiotherapy focuses on making patients stronger, more flexible, and better coordinated. This helps them move around with more confidence and safety.

    Other Services: Physiotherapy also helps prevent falls, aids recovery after surgery, manages long-term health issues, promotes independence, improves heart health, and teaches patients exercises they can do at home. Darshan Helper patient care services in Hyderabad offer all these services.

“Appreciate youthfulness and empathize with elderly people.”

Facilities Provided

  • Well equipped department exclusively for physiotherapy with modern equipments.
  • Spacious treatment rooms and consultation chambers.
  • Uninterrupted power supply with backup generators.
  • Specially ordered plinths and couches for the maximum comfort.
  • Electronically updated case sheets and appointments.

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